For all and for every one

250 rooms for students from all over the world

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Opening on the

1st of September in 2018

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  • In the very heart of Kaunas city, tailored student community is created offering 250 rooms for students all over the world.
  • This is the place where everyone gets comfortable environment for living, studying, practice and working.

Our goal is…

to create a community which is strong, successful and connected with ideas, contacts and future projects. We present 250 rooms, convenient common spaces and easy to use system of accommodation with all needed services. It helps everyone to feel safe and at home.

Reasons for living in student house "SOLO SOCIETY"



Each room is fully equipped and furnished with bed, book shelf, table, chair, table light, wardrobe, dresser, two hot plates stove by request, microwave, refrigerator, kitchen goods (fork, knife, spoon, plate, glass, cup), private bathroom with shower, sink, WC.

Co-Living area

Joint kitchens

All needed equipment and tools will be here for you.

Studio Places

We set up these areas for your studies or work

Library for studying

This place is here to help you focus, so silence is appreciated here

Meditation area

You can take a minute to enjoy peace and silence in this place

Rooftop terrace

There is an opportunity to take a look at the city from the 7th floor


It will take you up to the 6th floor and down to the basement

Inside parking area

A permission to park a car here is issued by administration

Safe private backyard

You can spend your free time outside in this area if you want

Outdoor bike parking

You can park your bicycle right next to the building

What you get

We will provide all necessary infrastructure for comfortable living.
Also, you will have an opportunity to use our services when needed.

Fast Internet

Wi-Fi zone in all the area and cable in each room

Leisure zones

Cinema, TV games, TV watching, table football, table tennis

Gym hall

Gym hall with main equipment for workouts

Laundry room

Laundry room with washer and dryer

Cleaning ladies

Cleaning ladies for all SOLO SOCIETY areas

Effective security

Effective security staff and system 24/7

Welcome package

Welcome package for each resident

Vending machines

Hot and cold drinks and snacks

Prices in "Solo Society"

  • S
    Small room For one person (up to 14 sq. m.)
    299€ /mo
  • M
    Medium room For one person (14 - 17 sq. m.)
    329€ /mo
  • L
    Large room For one person (18 - 19 sq. m.)
    359€ /mo
  • Tw
    Twin bedroom apartment Up to two persons (19 - 22 sq. m.)
    419€ /mo
  • B1
    One bedroom apartment Up to two persons (30 - 35 sq. m.)
    469€ /mo
  • B2
    Two bedroom apartment For two persons (45 - 47 sq. m.)
    569€ /mo
  • Di
    Room for disabled people For disabled people (30 - 35 sq. m.)
    329€ /mo

Prices may change depending on staying term and availability

These prices applied if booked for 12 and more months

Book a Room

Extra low priced services

  • Luggage self-storage
  • Laundry by request
  • Room cleaning service by request
  • Pillow and duvet
  • Sheet and quality covers for pillow and duvet
  • Vending machines for food and drinks

Activities in "SOLO SOCIETY"

  • Community building events in SOLO SOCIETY (seminars, work-shops, sport activities, cooking classes, brunching, influencer’s speeches, art and cultural events etc.)
  • Always updated new offers and recommendations what to do and visit in Kaunas

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